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itk_Wellness: Equilibro e alinhamento dos centros energéticos, os Chakras – Class 5/8


This will be a dip in the energy centers that we have in the vital energetic physical bodies.

We will work on the behaviors (vrittis) linked to each specific chakra from the perspective of women’s issues.

Example of issues to be cured:
Basic Chakra – issues of fear of taking our place
Sexual chakra – inhibitions and blocks on our sexual expression
Solar chakra – lack of recognition of our power and strength
Heart chakra – fear of not being loved, hurt, and resentment
Throat chakra – lack of expression, quiet voice to please
Vision chakra – disconnection and distrust of one’s intuition
Crown Chakra – Disenchantment with the Meaning of Life
Star chakra of earth and soul – the disconnection of multidimensionality

Diving into the chakras brings perceptions of collective and individual issues, allowing us to reorganize these centers so that we can flow and achieve realignment and bioenergetic balance.

It’s not a dance class, nor a yoga class. Come discover Essência Dance and align your chakras with us!

Course in Portugues.

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