Founded in 2014 by partners Carolina Casañas-Giráldez and Claudia Kiatake, IntheKnow was created to explore and share the best that Brazil has to offer: art, music, dance, gastronomy, literature, landscapes and local culture.

Everything we do is carefully planned to provide an authentic and engaging experience for foreigners and Brazilians alike.  People from around the world coming together on a culturally enriched and fun environment.

Join us!


(co) founders

Carolina Casañas-Giráldez

Living in Brazil since 2011, Carolina spent the prior 17 years living in Paris and New York.  She is married, the mother of three children, a lawyer and art lover. She believes that São Paulo could be a city of difficult adaptation, but today she loves living here and exploring Brazil.  She is the “outsider”! As one of the co-founders of IntheKnow, she is involved in the design and development of the activities providing the perspective of a foreigner, as well as the relationship with the clients. Carolina is from Venezuela; she holds law degrees from Universidad Católica Andres Bello (Venezuela), Université de Paris II (France) and Columbia University (USA) and went later to study Arts Administration at New York University (USA).  

Claudia Kiatake

She is Brazilian, artist, and an entrepreneur since a very young age. Claudia loves exploring hidden corners of the city and sharing tips and curiosities about this interesting country. She is the “insider!”.

As a partner-director of an event agency, she brought major international events to Brazil and adapted them for the Brazilian public, which exposed her to different cultures.

As a co-founder of IntheKnow, Claudia is involved in the design and development of the activities, as well as the relationship with local and international sponsors and partners, always thinking about new ways of looking at Brazil.

She studied Marketing at ESPM and Panamericana Escola de Arte e Design and Visual Arts at FAAP.

(itk) vision

We believe in a cross-cultural world, one without frontiers and full of opportunities where we all share our experiences. A place where the sense of community prevails over individualism and inherently becomes a source of learning for humanity.

We also believe that life is an ever changing scene, from day to day, from experience to experience, from culture to culture. And in that process we don’t lose our essence but instead open our hearts and minds to everything that is new, and to all the good that this may bring.

For that reason, we value those who live in this global world enjoying dynamic changes; people who have lived, live or intend to live outside their home country; anyone who broadens his or her horizons, learns how to speak other languages, is intrigued by other cultures. Ultimately, we embrace those who are capable of building worldwide social networks and transform every moment in life, into a better experience to live.

We are here because of you, and for you.

You are always welcome!

(itk) sponsors

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to all of the professionals, companies and organizations that are offering their best products and services to our IntheKnow clients, helping to provide qualified and memorable experiences.


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(itk) we care

We can make a difference for those who need it the most. 

Therefore, our activities will always involve a charitable cause, carefully selected by the IntheKnow team.

IntheKnowers, our deepest gratitude to you all!

No action is too small when it comes to changing the worldCyril Ramaphosa

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